Muscle Re-Education
Look at the muscles on the left side of the drawing. They have the firm muscle tone of youth. At right, the muscles have loosened in some places (eyes, cheeks) and tightened at other places (forehead, neck, jaw). Such changes are the results of age, environment and inadequate skin care. During a microcurrent treatment small wands are used in such a way as to re-educate the muscles—to tighten or loosen as needed—so you regain a more youthful toned appearance.
How it works
Using Dual Channel Ergonomic Probe applicators, the Ionizer sends low levels of microcurrent through the molecules of the concentrated system products, reducing them to very small ions. This ionization allows complete product penetration to the skin depth where they may be utilized most effectively. A series of manual manipulations are performed with the equipment applicators to provide additional firming and circulatory benefits. Treatments are performed in a series to maintain the desired results.
The Ionizer is safe for both operator and client. The low level of microcurrent mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses, gently encouraging the body to respond favorably to the system products, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The Ionizer operates on pre-programmed settings, and contains calibrated internal data monitoring and resistance meters. This allows full comfort for clients, as well as optimal performance and results for operators.
How many treatments will I need?