Pure Inventions - nutritional products

Pure Inventions has created a way for everyone to live well naturally through customized Optimal Health Products. Their delicious liquid herbal extract formulations are of the highest potency and are designed for optimal health and wellness; creating a total "body balance".

Herbal extracts in their highest potency go directly into the body; this is not the case with capsules and tablets that contain a great number of fillers and solids that are not digestible in the body.

Pure Inventions products are delicious tasting, all natural, fully standardized, non-caloric, caffeine and alcohol free.

Known for their green tea extracts Pure Inventions has formulated several different flavors as well as three new antioxidant juice extracts.

Due to the concentrated extracts, their Green Tea delivers a much more therapeutic benefit over steeping from a tea bag. One serving of GREEN TEA provides over 90 mg of Polyphenols, the equivalent amount of Polyphenols found in 14 cups of the strongest brewed GREEN TEA.

Studies have shown that green tea is a powerful antioxidant and consuming green tea has many health benefits: