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LED light therapy

What does a Revitalight treatment consist of?

Each relaxing treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. Beginning with a cleansed face, a trained professional will slowly move the large pulsator light over your neck and face. To further improve the appearance of your skin, the small pulsator light will concentrate on your finer lines and wrinkles to complete your Revitalight treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The Revitalight Skin Care System using its red LED light consists of six (on average), 20-minute pain-free sessions every 10 days -2 weeks at your skin care professional. Once desired results are obtained, maintenance treatments are recommended every 45-60 days to keep the collagen firm.

What results can I expect?

Revitalight’s treatments are safe, affordable and effective. A disposable plastic pulsator cover ensures cleanliness, while trained professionals apply the proper technique to stimulate skin for a smoother, healthier appearance. showing continued gradual improvements in your skin's appearance with each subsequent treatment.